Next Meeting

Our January General Meeting: 

“Experience of a Lifetime”
January’s speaker is Calvin Johnson of our very own Gold Prospectors Of Colorado (GPOC).  His presentation will be an accounting of his “Experience of a Lifetime”  in the recovery of a quartz vein that assayed at 2281.7 ounces per ton containing  crystalline (93.887 fine) gold wires.  In layman’s terms that equals $2.8 million dollars per ton. The gold is in sugar quartz, which is very rare on its own.  No know sugar quartz in Colorado!!  This presentation should not be missed, if you are like me I’m getting gold fever just thinking about January’s meeting.
Calvin will have samples for all of us to gaze upon (sorry no touching).  The samples are very fragile and some crystalline gold wire falls out when handled.    

A vein specimen:  As mentioned the sugar quartz is fragile (just like a sugar cube) and some of the gold wire and quartz falls out as a specimen is handled, I call that “dust”.  

Gold Cube top edge of 1st collection tray after running -100 mesh “dust” from the vein

Gold pan with those -100 mesh ‘supercons’ from the Cube.

A telescopic view showing  a 1.837 cm  gold wire.  I have pictures of the vein, but overexposed,  that will be in the presentation.  Yes, if you are wondering, the purple in the vein specimen is amethyst!  

Larger “dust” material ranging from -12 through -50 mesh after the results from a “panning challenge” I made to members that were at one of the January WMMI events.  I only had one taker (multi event and year Colorado Gold Panning Champion) and she was very upset she couldn’t get the gold separated, until I showed her that it was because it was still attached to tiny quartz and amethyst crystals!