2020 Prospect Update

We in Gold Prospectors Of Colorado are watching the situation and having virtual Board meetings, so far we have only cancelled April and May activities,  Please keep checking our website as we have information there about COVID-19 impacts to public prospecting as well as our club activities.
BLM did NOT close any public lands to prospecting or restricted claim owners and operators, but advised them to follow federal, state and local COVID-19 procedures.  The BLM Colorado Public Room (where you go to research if you don’t trust the LR2000 database and to file claims and annual claim paperwork) was closed and as of 13 May, did not identify a re-opening.  blm-colorado-covid-19-updates
The CO BLM office published a new version of the popular “Mini Claim Packet” 2020 Mining Claim Packet
BLM updated the forms used for filing claims and for filing the certificate of affidavit with the counties, their annual Claim Maintenance and Small Miners Waiver forms National BLM Forms
BLM also has an on-line system supposedly up and running for paying (not sure about filing of paperwork) the annual maintenance at: Maintenance Payment Portal
Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW) and their Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area (AHRA) AHRA had closed campgrounds, but is phasing in a ‘re-opening’ of campsites and most state parks and state public lands are open for recreational activities on a “Day-use” basis including prospecting, fishing, hiking biking, etc.
ARHA is in charge of the Point Barr public prospecting area and has partially closed it for campsite upgrades until possibly 22 May.  They had anticipated having power equipment permits available for that area by mid May, but do not have a new (post COVID) date. The dredge / combo/ high banker permit will be for two years and they were planning to keep the ‘bond fee’ at $25.  AHRA is going to a usage fee management plan for Point Barr that will include a Day Use or a Camping fee for anyone, including prospectors and even if you paid for a power permit you will have to pay for either the Day Use or Camping fee.  Panners and sluicers will only pay the usage fee.  If you enter Point Barr via a vehicle the cost is $9.00 per day per vehicle (all occupants). If you walk into, ride a bike or horse into, or boat into Point Barr the cost is $4.00 per person per day. An Annual Park Pass (vehicle) allows all occupants of the vehicle into the park for a 12 month period. AHRA Fees
As I am are you are aware, it is already fire season and both USFS  USFS alerts-notices and AHRA AHRA Park alerts have posted their and county fire restrictions 
ARHA added a position on their Citizen’s Task Force and think it might be good to have a representative for prospectors on it!  You know anyone interested?  See <https://cpw.state.co.us/placestogo/parks/ArkansasHeadwatersRecreationArea/Pages/CitizenTaskForce.aspx>
Hope you and yours are all safe, healthy and ready to GET SOME GOLD!!!